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"The facility is beautiful with large windows. It has a very peaceful mood. My therapist Kim is intuitive to the needs of my body. I am currently working on my floating kneecap with strengthening the surrounding muscles. I look forward to my sessions."
Jul 20, 2023
"I met Kim as my PT when I had rotator cuff surgery a few years ago at another practice. I have followed her to Custom Fit so that I can have PT on my painful knee. I look forward to working with her again."
Jun 22, 2023
"I see Kim , she's very knowledgeable,compassionate and is helping me tremendously with my every-day pain..She and her golden hands...Thankyou Kim ..."
Jun 22, 2023
"I am so happy to have Jenn as my PT . She gives expert attention and is always able to explain technically what she is doing or why this or that might be the problem...she knows so much and I am confident in her work."
Feb 21, 2023
"It's extraordinarily rare to encounter an individual in the medical field who possesses all three attributes one desires in a practitioner. Dr. Jennifer Frazier has them all: 1) Extensive knowledge of her practice, 2) the ability to meticulously and pragmatically apply that knowledge, and 3) a naturally amiable, generous-to-a-fault personality. If you are searching for a physical therapist, your search has ended. "
Jan 05, 2023
"Jen was a pleasure to work with. Her office was professional, clean and a fun environment to work through challenging times. I found Jen's knowledge and compassion for helping me get back to where I needed to be was excellent. Overall, Custom Fit(Jen) really cared about my injury and recovery with thoughtful and genuine care. "
Jun 09, 2022
"I was lucky enough to have Jennifer as my PT after my second knee replacement. Thanks to her care right after my surgery I was able to make excellent progress and continue to a full recovery with the ability to return to my previous exercise program. I would certainly look to Jennifer first for any future PT needs."
Apr 20, 2022
Jan 24, 2022

I had knee replacement surgery and Jen was my therapist when I got home. She made it fun and when our sessions were done I was three weeks ahead of schedule on my recovery. I highly recommend.

Carole M.

Jennifer was an absolute joy to work with! She was thorough, professional, friendly and genuinely cared about my physical and emotional health. If I ever need a Physical Therapist in the future or know someone who is looking for one, Jennifer will be the one I go to and recommend!

Lucinda K.

Following major lower back surgery I was in need of extended physical therapy to strengthen my core muscles. I was thrilled to have been referred to Dr. Jennifer Frazier for evaluation and physical therapy.

Jen was knowledgeable, caring and unbelievably patient with me as we progressed through the months of therapy. Through her professional guidance, I was eventually able to resume a normal, active lifestyle. I’ve had a number of surgeries that required follow-up PT, including prior back surgery. Jen is far and away at the very top of the list of the highly qualified physical therapists I’ve engaged with over the years. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again if need be.

David L.

Following a back/spine injury and operation that left me left paralyzed from the waist down and one month in CMMC’s Acute Rehab Wing I was released to go home and begin in-home rehabilitation and physical therapy. I met Jennifer when she was assigned to my case by AHH&H to provide in-home physical therapy.

Jennifer’s knowledge, experience and inspiration were evident during my sessions. Her ability to improvise by making use of items in our home as part of my therapy was very impressive and significant to my progress. In a matter of a few months, her work and inspiration help me progress to walking with crutches and proceed further to outpatient therapy. After 1-1/2 years of my operation and with continued therapy I’m walking cautiously without crutches. Jennifer was definitely a very big part of my successful progress.

Gary S.